Friday, October 21, 2005

Television is the opiate of the masses

I have decided that I have a love/hate relationship with my television. On one hand, I love the fact that I can turn on the Tube and allow myself to passively accept whatever the powers that be have decided is worth my attention. On the other hand, my scholarly sensibilities cause me to balk at the idea of failing to critically engage the arguments and phenomena that are presented to me. Television has also become the new pac-man of my productivity. For example, I came home yesterday (5:15pm) and intended to watch CTV NewsNET just to catch up on the headlines for the day (since Newsworld had a documentary on) and ended up finally turning switching off at 11:30 after Lloyd was finished speaking to me. I'm hoping that the pressure of studying for midterms will give me reason to avert my eyes.

On a side note, John Leguizamo has joined the cast of ER as the efficiency minded Dr. Ernesto Clemente. Well have to see if he's a good replacement for Sherry Stringfield as Dr. Susan Lewis. Why is it that John Leguizamo always seems to play greaseballs or assholes?

As alluded to earlier, this week I'm going to be madly studying for midterms this week. For those of you interested in the gory details, I'm writing my Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion, German, and World History (yes 3!) midterms on the 27th of October (what a lovely birthday present...) and my Intro to Buddhism midterm on the 28th. I'm definitely going to have to make up some kind of schedule so I can get all the studying that I need to done.

I'm looking forward to the weekend; Rachelle and I are going to the Bears footbal game Saturday and I should have plenty of time to study (if I can tear myself away from the squawk box).

Today's new German word is "die Geige" = "the Violin"


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Anders said...

Personally, I love that you are wary of the mind-numbing cababilities of TV, and yet you know the names of the characters on ER.

I have over 50 channels and the only one's a watch regularly are FOX (Arrested Development, The Simpsons), TSN (hockey games, SportsCentre), CBC (news, hockey), Much Music (on the rare occasion that they actually play music videos these days), and The Comedy Network (The Daily Show).

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Dean Ziegler said...

man, why don't I have a German word of the day on my blog?
I think I'll just start it right now, hmmm. Staubsagen= to vaccuum

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Danny said...

but it's really on my blog...


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