Thursday, November 17, 2005

Movies, Band-aids and others

I know I'm a few days later than the generally accepted deadline for posting this sort of thing, but for those of you who are interested, here is my move journal for October:

Oct. 1

Swing Kids

Oct. 2


Oct. 3

Finding Nemo

Oct. 21

Wag the Dog

Oct. 28

Run Lola Run
The Reckoning

Oct. 29

Good Will Hunting

Oct. 30

The Ghost and the Darkness

In other happenings, I took the LRT for the first time ever last night on my way to tutoring. Being a small town boy (yes, Saskatoon is a small town. Get over it!), I was quite impressed with the speed of conveyance associated with rail based transit. Had I got off the train at the right station, I would have been at my tutoring appointment 20 minutes early, rather than just on time. As it was, I had to wander through downtown Edmonton looking for the Edmonton Public Library. After calling my roomate for help, I made it just on time. Just for information's sake, if one wants to go from the University of Alberta LRT station to the Stanley Milner branch of the Edmonton Public library, the appropriate station to get off at is the "Churchill" station, NOT the "Central" station. I find I'm directionally challenged as it is, being underground certainly doesn't help matters. It's a good thing the LRT only runs 2 directions (North and South).

On my way home from tutoring, I encountered one of the joys of public transit, a drunk person. A drunken construction worker got on to my bus (which I had to take from the LRT station). Needless to say, his faculties were not all entierely intact. His conversation with the bus driver, much to my amusement, went like this:

Bus Driver: "Sir, you have to pay your fare to ride the bus"

Drunk: "I what?"

Bus Driver: "You have to pay the fare to ride the bus"

Drunk: "Oh"
Drunk rummages through his pockets, pulls out his book of bus tickets, and something else that he thinks is a bus ticket. Puts what he thinks is a ticket into the fare box.

Bus Driver: "Sir, you just gave me a Band-aid"

Drunk: "I what?"

Bus Driver: "You gave me a band-aid"

Drunk: "Oh," to the passengers on the bus "I gave the man a band aid"
drunk pulls a ticket out of his book of tickets, puts it into the fare box

Bus Driver: "Thank you, have a good night."

I had some difficult concealing my laughter, but I at least managed to until getting of at my stop.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the german word of the day!
Today's word is, "das Gift" it means "the poison"


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